How A Pakistani Turned from Office Boy to Design Manager

by Omar Farooq

This is a real story of Muhammad Azeem an ex employee of Interwood Mobel Pvt Ltd Pakistan. He joined us as a office boy and later become a design Manager and had worked on many projects. Sharing His story to motivate all the Young generation of Pakistan that never lose hope always work hard to make your life better. Because impossible is only a state of our mind if we really wish for something and work hard with full honesty to achieve that goal then one day we will must be there with an achievement.

Watch True Story of Muhammad Azeem – Jourey to Become Design Manager from a Office Boy

We shall never lose hope because it is all in our hand to achieve goals and our ambitions. The one who will accept all the challenges positively and will find out opportunities in them rather then making excuses he will never fail in life.
Same is the story of Muhammad Azeem as he was honest and passionate in his life so this really helped him to change his life. Watch above video to listen his true story!!

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