The Importance of Technological Evolution in Business: The Interwood Perspective

Oct 09, 202317 mins read

CEO Omar Farooq delves into how Interwood, leveraging cutting-edge technology, is setting new standards in the furniture industry, ensuring quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


In today's business milieu, the essence of technological evolution is undisputed. Having witnessed the transformative power of technology firsthand at Interwood, I can attest to its paramount importance in reshaping the furniture industry and businesses at large. Here's a reflection on how technology has revolutionized our operations and why it's indispensable for forward-thinking businesses. 


1. Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity 

At Interwood, the integration of IMOS software has been groundbreaking. This software provides a seamless transition from sales to design and finally to production. Our sales team crafts real-time 3D renders, offering clients a virtual vision of kitchens, doors, and wardrobes within their spaces. With a click, these designs move to our production units, minimizing human intervention and errors, thus enhancing our efficiency manifold. 


2. Meeting Consumer Expectations 

Digital experiences are not just a trend; they're a customer expectation. Our state-of-the-art IMOS software lets clients visualize their desired products, leading to a more informed and satisfying purchase decision. 


3. Data-Driven Decision Making 

Our embrace of SAP software across departments means we're not just making decisions, but making the right  ones. This tool offers real-time data analysis, allowing for precise inventory management, efficient procurement, and effective sales strategies. 


4. Global Reach 

Digital platforms, including our e-commerce website based on Shopify, ensure our products reach doorsteps nationwide. This has not only expanded our client base but has also enriched the customer shopping experience. 


5. Innovation and Competitive Edge 



Our 5-Axis CNC machines, synced with IMOS, exemplify innovation. They produce 20 times faster than conventional machines, with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring we deliver only the best to our customers. 


6. Flexibility and Scalability 

The flexibility offered by our technological integrations, like the SAP software, allows us to respond to market demands swiftly, ensuring we're always a step ahead. 


7. Enhanced Security 

In a digital age, data is gold, and its security is paramount. Our advanced systems guarantee safeguarding our digital assets and, by extension, our brand reputation. 


8. Sustainability and Reduced Costs 

Our digitized systems mean reduced paper usage, leading to both environmental and cost benefits. Furthermore, our advanced machinery ensures minimal wastage, underlining our commitment to sustainability. 



The fusion of technological prowess with our core values has been instrumental in Interwood's growth. Our emphasis on offering value, combined with our technological investments, ensures that we remain at the forefront of the industry, always ready to serve with excellence.